Gutter vacuum
  • Did you know...?
  • Your home insurance may be invalid if your gutters are not properly maintained.
  • This means you won't be covered for any damaged caused by blocked and overflowing gutters...
  • Allowing your gutters to become clogged up could result in a series of nasty outcomes...
  • 1. unsightly foliage build up
  • 2. water overspill 
  • 3. seep through your roof and walls  
  • 4. water damage inside your home
  • 5. damage to the building foundations
You have to take action now to keep your gutters clear. mdKent gutter clearance vacuum clears all debris from your gutters, leaving them free flowing and hassle free. 

  • With gutter clearance service available from £55, depending on the size of the property, you'll rest safe in the knowledge you've done everything possible to protect your property from gutter water damage.