What can we do for you?
As well as cleaning, we can also help with a number of maintenance tasks you may need at your properties.

Light maintenance tasks
We're happy to take on your routine maintenance tasks and niggly tenant requests. Replacing light bulbs, repairing damaged fittings, unblocking drains, whatever you need, we'll arrange for it to be sorted. 

Painting and redecorating
Does any of your paintwork need a quick touch up before your new tenant moves in? Perhaps you need to make good some repairs? You'll find the painting service useful to leave your property in a good decorative standard. Even a quick touch up can enhance the appearance of the property and get your tenancy off to a good start with satisfied tenants. We can also repaint garden fences. 

Removal of small items
We're happy to dispose of small scale items, building waste, or junk items left by old tenants - saving you the hassle of a trip to the tip.

Replacing and assembling furnishing
If you're letting a furnished property, you'll be interested in our furniture assembly service. No need to struggle by yourself or pay a hefty assembly surcharge from the delivery company. Let us know when your furniture is being delivered and our assembly team will arrange to assemble the items. If you're looking to replace smaller items, such as chairs, we can collect these from the furniture store.  

'Dressing' furnished properties
When looking to impress a potential tenant, the last thing you need is your property left in a haphzard fashion with blocked walkways, upside down furniture or left behind builders clutter. After all, prospective tenants have many alternatives available due to the high volume of rental properties these days. A professional 'dressing' service will improve your property's appearance and enhance it's desirability to your preferred tenants. 

Specialist projects
Looking to start a larger renovation project? We may be able to help. Some recent works we have completed include erecting partition walls, roofing repairs and installing bathrooms. Let us know your requirements to see if we can assist.