Ovens: essential for a tasty hot meal, but often covered in food remains and burnt on grease. Yuck. The conditions some people live in are disgusting, and you don’t want this to affect your reputation. Especially as appliances may be the most valuable content of your property.

At mdKent, we believe that ovens must be cleaned and treated regularly. Not just for appearances sake - but to prevent unwanted and potentially toxic fumes from burnt on residue. Plus, it’s always nice to see inside the oven through the door window!

Your cooker will be specially treated and cleaned. Thanks to the Dirtbusters approved and trained method, even the filthiest oven will be restored to a good domestic standard. Specialist treatments will remove stubborn residue and grease, without any marks or scratches to your oven - and any grills or baking trays included with the appliance.

At your property's check out, the agent and landlord will be expecting your rental property to be left clean to a good standard. By ordering a professional cooker clean from mdKent, you will be protecting yourself from a cleaning claim from your deposit by the agent or landlord.

Remember, tenants should also maintain your other kitchen appliances and white goods to a good standard of cleanliness to prevent any unhygienic conditions developing. We have plenty of treatments to clean your appliances effectively and leaves them ready for use on the same day.

Let our experience and training benefit your property, and get in touch today.

mdKent brings our your oven's sparkle
Don't risk your oven getting too dirty
mdKent restores your oven to a good domestic standard.